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Hot tips

Update your photos!

Make sure you have up to date, high quality photos of your property as they are ESSENTIAL when customers are selecting where to stay. Pick a day with no clouds and blue, sunny skies. Include photos of the food and extras you offer, creating an immersive experience the guest simply cannot wait to dive into. Make sure your photos are reflective of your accommodation to build trust and be seen as authentic. Know your limits and hire a photographer if required.

8nd Feb 2024 - Cait Buttery, Freeonlinebooking UK team

Hot tips

Making the most of your Wi-Fi!

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2nd Feb 2024 - Cait Buttery, Freeonlinebooking UK team

Hot tips

Partner with local businesses!

Encourage local businesses to provide special discounts exclusively for your guests, creating a unique incentive for them to choose your accommodation. By having partnerships with nearby shops, cafes, restaurants, tourist attractions etc you not only boost the appeal of booking with you but also create a supportive network. This collaboration encourages local businesses to recommend your accommodation to both locals and tourists, thereby creating win-win opportunities for all.

31st Jan 2024 - Cait Buttery, Freeonlinebooking UK team

Hot tips

Test your website!

A website full of glitches, bugs, and pages that won't load will no doubt put guests off booking directly with you. Catch issues early by regularly testing your website. Make sure it works well on a mobile device and check your photos are high quality and up to date. Consider how visible your 'book now' buttons are too. If a guest can't see how to book, they may go somewhere else!

13th Jan 2024 - Cait Buttery, Freeonlinebooking UK team

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