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We have been named the winner of the Accommodation Booking Services Company of the Year award for 2023/24, by the Corporate LiveWire Global Awards Team. This shows our dedication to providing you with what we believe is the best service out there. This award is testament to the hours of hard work we've put in to making your experience the best.

We would like to thank our loyal customers for being an integral part of our journey.

Keep an eye out for fresh new updates and integrations coming in 2024.

6th Feb 2024 - Cait Buttery, Freeonlinebooking UK team


And the winner is.. freeonlinebooking!

We are extremely proud to have been recognised by SME for the Most Innovative Accommodation Booking Services Company 2023 award, and thrilled to have won. This recognition is a testament to our commitment to excellence, innovation, and the unparalleled dedication of our team to delivering outstanding service to our valued customers like you.

And the winner is.. freeonlinebooking! - full article

24th November 2023 - Cait Buttery, Freeonlinebooking UK team

scotland short term lets

Have you applied for your short term let license?

As you may be aware, all Scottish accommodation short-term let operators now need to be licensed.

The deadline for submitting an application for your Short Term Let license is 30-Sept-2023. As this deadline looms, we've been made aware that there are still a large number of properties which have still not applied for their license.

If you haven't already, please familiarise yourself with the license requirements, and apply for your license if you need one. Each local authority will have different requirements for the license, and different costs. Please make sure you follow the requirements set out by your local authority.

Have you applied for your short term let license? - full article

28th September 2024 - Cait Buttery, Freeonlinebooking UK team

new booking sequence

Is this the best online booking system?

Our team have been hard at work creating the best online booking service for integrating with your accommodation business's website. Our new style booking service features a fresh, modern new look and lots of new functionality to make booking as easy as possible for customers, whilst giving you full control of how your booking service looks and works.

Why not take a look and let us know if this truly is the best booking service on the market!

Is this the best online booking system? - full article

13th September 2023 - Cait Buttery, Freeonlinebooking UK team

direct booking experts

Increasing bookings post COVID-2019

Encouraging your guests to book directly has always been our mission in order to reduce the impact of OTA commission fees on your bottom line and maximise your profits

As hotels across the UK plan to reopen in early July, hotel owners are looking to staycationers for a much-needed financial boost this summer, and with UK bookings increasing week on week, now is the time to review your direct booking strategy.

In the wake of Covid19, many guests will want reassurance that the hotel they book is following the government guidelines for Coronavirus precautions as well as checking which services are still being offered. Guests would only be able gain this information by visiting your hotel website, and if you are offering best prices and exclusive special offers, your guests will be encouraged to complete their booking directly with you.

Increasing direct bookings post Covid19 - full article

17th Jun 2020 - Nick Hill, Freeonlinebooking managing director

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