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Spa pool management

Spa pools/Jacuzzis can be a real asset for your business allowing you to increase your rates. It is, however essential that they are properly managed and kept spotless. If a pool is out of use for whatever reason, it can upset customers who have paid a premium to relax and enjoy a hot tub. You will need to empty the pool more regularly than a home hot tub and ensure that the chemical levels are all up to date. A great idea is to have a whiteboard next to the pool with the date/time it was last sanitized. In addition make sure that you have a sign indicating the pool rules - so include things like usage times, the lid must be closed after use, no glass (maybe supply acrylic glasses specifically for pool use), no intimate relations, no pets etc. Lastly you may wish to recommend guests to not to spend too long in the pool and to drink a large glass of water after use as overheating can make guests feel lightheaded and drowsy.

28 May 2024 - Nick, Freeonlinebooking Managing Director - Link to this hot tip

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