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Many of the chain hotels, like Four Seasons, include floor plans of their rooms alongside photos. This allows guests to plan whether a space will be big enough, encourage room upgrades, and can ease worries about whether their infant's crib will fit, or where their children will sleep. It's good to have floor plans for each type of accommodation you offer, e.g. a vacation rental, connecting rooms, or a double room. Make sure the floor plans are accurate. If all of your double rooms are different sizes and layouts, include a floorplan for each. Knowing your property or rooms are perfect for their needs will make you stand out against your competition. You can design and create your own floorplans for free using services such as FloorPlanner, and then upload it as a photo to your room type. Why not give it a go?

22 May 2024 - Cait Buttery, freeonlinebooking UK team - Link to this hot tip

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